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Packing Materials


For orders in advance, call 07769034243 and 07401778387. We can help you decide what materials and how many are needed, which would be the best option for your move.

Removal Boxes

Size: 590 x 385 x 350

£3.00 Each

Wardrobe Box

Size: 508mm x 457mm x 1220mm

£9.99 Each

Packing Paper

£65 per hour

£11.99 / 150 sheetss

Bubble Wrap

Size: 500mm x 50mm

£19.99 Each

Packing Tape

Size: 48mm x 66 Meters

£2.50 Each

Mattress Cover

1 x King Size Mattress Cover( One Size fits all)

£7.99 Each

Sofa Cover

1 x Sofa Moving Cover(Fits upto 4 seater sofa)

£7.99 Each

Black Permanent Marker Pen

Note the box numbers so that your removalists know where to place them

£2.00 Each.

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