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If you don’t know how to pack and move, it can be very difficult. Your move will be complicated if you don’t have the right packing materials. This can make it difficult for your items and cause them to be unsafe. Express Removals pays extra attention to what materials we use to pack your belongings.

The cartons, boxes, and wraps are made by our skilled and efficient staff to ensure that every item is kept in its original shape. We have different packing options for every item, no matter if it’s small appliances or delicate glassware.

Seal cartons and boxes

We use high quality packaging with high solutions, cardboard boxes, and cartons for fragile items. We use high-quality Clinging tapes to ensure that your cartons do not get damaged or altered. We make sure that delicate and small items are properly packed. Then we move on to clothes and furniture, and place them in boxes specifically designed for them.

Bubble wraps

Our professional staff takes special care when packing fragile or delicate articles. We use bubble wraps that are individually wrapped to protect glass articles, antiques, and precious items. High quality bubble wraps are used to protect fragile articles.

Solutions for custom packaging

Express Removals 247 understands how important it is for you to protect your belongings when moving. We have our own carpenters, and they can design and make custom boxes and cartons. You can use them to make wardrobes for hanging your clothes or wine cellars to store your wine bottles.

Every one of our packing solutions has been carefully thought out, with your best interests at heart. We do not compromise on the quality of our service. Our staff is well-informed about different packing options and are constantly updated. Once you hire us, we guarantee that you will be able to move your belongings safely and securely to your destination. The materials we use will make the unpacking process fast and easy.

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